31 Eric Paton Way, St. Johns, Auckland.  

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Steve Denton is the owner/manager of Steve Denton Automotive.

We at Steve Denton Automotive offer a Basic lube service where we will change your engine oil. Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels and check tyre pressures adjusting as necessary. visual inspection of brakes, hoses etc.

Full service includes change engine oil, replace oil filter, check all fluid levels, check battery, check air filter {clean or replace} check wipers add screen wash, check / clean and adjust brakes where applicable, check lights, horn etc. Check for dash warning lights, check suspension, check cv boots, check brake hoses, check drive belts {excluding cam belt} Check for signs of cam belt replacement, lubricate door locks and hinges, check exhaust system, check wheel bearings, reset service reminder light if applicable, road test vehicle.

Our promise to you.

Our promise to you is that we will note any recommendations we deem necessary and advise on the importance of the recommendations. i.e.. transmission flush, brake fluid renewal, coolant flush etc. We at Steve Denton Automotive take into account distance travelled, use of vehicle and condition of fluids etc before advising whether such fluids should be changed, we don't only take time as a factor in deciding whether such fluids should be replaced.